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Carrie Underwood has co-written many of her hits, including “Blown Away,” so she clearly has a gift for music.  She was drawn to it from a very early age, and Carrie credits the radio with turning her on to all those exciting sounds.

Since she grew up without cable television, Carrie says, “I listened to the radio, and if I was outside playin’, I’d bring our little, like, boom-boxy thing outside and like, play with my dog and listen to the radio.”

Carrie adds that her brain just works on a musical wavelength, and she tends to remember melodies and lyrics years after she first heard them.

Carrie explains, “I remember commercials from when I was in kindergarten, I remember songs — if I listened to them, like, twice, I remember most of the lyrics.”

That total recall doesn’t hapen with other parts of Carrie’s brain though.  She often gets lost going to the mall and was never much for science or math either.  The musical part of her brain is a different story though.

“I’m sure if you could put those little electrodes on my brain and figure it out, that’s what would light up,” Carrie says.

Carrie is lighting up her fans faces on the road this fall with her Blown Away tour.  She has shows in San Diego, CA and Glendale, CA this weekend.

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