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Taylor Swift‘s long list of boyfriends, both confirmed and unconfirmed, includes Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer and Taylor Lautner.  Since none of those romances have ended well, why does Taylor continue to get involved with famous men?  Well, she has her reasons, which she reveals in the new issue of the U.K. edition of Marie Claire.

While Taylor agrees that she does have track record of dating and breaking up with high-profile men, she tells the magazine, “I think I have to trust that you end up with the person you’re supposed to end up with, and that everything in between is there to teach you stuff.  Plus it makes for great stories when you’re older.”

Not only that, but it makes for great songs now.  Many of Taylor’s songs were written in reaction to her romantic ups and downs, and she tells Marie-Claire that she makes no apologies for it.

“Music is absolutely everything that I am and everything that I stand for.  It’s not my fault if someone gets into a relationship with me and then cheats and I write a song about it,” she says.

Also in Marie-Claire, Taylor talks about her hopes for children in the future.  She says, “I want a bunch of them running around, minimum four.  I want to wait a while, but the idea of pouring everything you are into another person when you become a parent has always been amazing to me.” 

The singer says she’s being careful with her millions now to make sure her kids will never have to worry.

“‘That money will be really good for sending my kids to college some day — or maybe I’ll have a few more kids than I thought,” she tells the magazine.

In addition, Taylor says that unlike many young stars, she’s even considered what her kids might think about her one day, and she tailors her actions accordingly.  “That factors into everything I do.  They’re going to have computers and they’re going to be able to read what I said in this interview,” she notes.

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