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Blake Shelton‘s new holiday album, Cheers, It’s Christmas, is in stores this week featuring guest appearances from his wife Miranda Lambert and her group Pistol Annies as well as from Kelly Clarkson and his mother Dorothy.  Blake also wanted to record a song with Reba on the album about their shared home state of Oklahoma at Christmastime.  The only problem with that was Blake didn’t know any songs about an Oklahoma holiday.

That’s when his bass player Rob, his fiddle player Jenee and another songwriter friend Trent set out to write one.

Blake says, “The three of ’em sat down, and a couple of weeks later I got an email from Rob that said, ‘Listen to this.’  And they had written this song called ‘Oklahoma Christmas.'”

Blake loved the song, which includes a lot of inside references for his fellow Oklahomans.

“Being born and raised in Oklahoma, I could not have written that song any better myself,” Blake says.  “I mean, there’s a lot of inside jokes and things that you’d have to be from Oklahoma to even understand.”

Blake also includes a duet version of “Home” with Michael Buble on Cheers, It’s Christmas.

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