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Hunter Hayes drew on his live show and the process of songwriting for inspiration while making the video for “Wanted.”  The idea first started taking shape when the video’s director, Tracie Goudie, caught Hunter’s concert at Highline Ballroom in New York City.  Hunter has his song lyrics written all over the concert set with the color scheme of black, white and red making things pop on stage.

It was Traci who built on Hunter’s live show to make the video about how a song actually comes together.  Hunter tells ABC News Radio, “It’s got a little bit of a dream factor.  It’s got a little bit of a sort of imagination factor because that’s exactly what it is.  It is what happens in the writing room sort of in your mind.”

In the clip, images of Hunter and his video sweetheart riding on his motorcycle and of another couple sharing a sweet moment in a coffee shop are edited in between Hunter’s performance of “Wanted.”  The lyrics of the song are written on the piano Hunter plays and on sheets of paper and plexiglass windows hanging all around him.  He credits director Traci with pulling it all off.

“She did a great job of sort of interpreting that world and doing a good job of communicating all of the imagination that goes into writing a song and all the things that go through writing a song,” Hunter says.

“Wanted” is included on Hunter Hayes’ self-titled debut album, available now.

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