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(NEW YORK) — A Chicago high school guidance counselor who works part time at a strip club was fired this week after publishing a sexually-explicit self-help book for women entitled It’s Her Fault.

Bryan Craig, who worked as a guidance counselor at Rich Central High School since 2004, self-published his book in August. He was put on administrative leave Aug. 31, and fired by the school board Tuesday night in a 6-0 vote, according to the school board. The book contained “offensive content regarding women and sex,” the school board said.

The book aims to help women understand their relationships with men better, the guidance counselor claims. It includes tips Craig gleaned while working as a bouncer at a strip club, as well as sex tips, including how to be dominating and submissive.

“In some cases, strippers and dancers show the overall dominance a woman can have over a man,” Craig writes in his book. “Not to say that stripping is what has to be done to truly establish dominance, but these women’s mind set is in the right place in order to meet the true potential of the point of this book.”

He advises women to only discuss things that men like to talk about when trying to engage their partners in conversation.

“The ultimate point here is to utilize your worth, brains, experience or even sex appeal to potentially dominate one of the least intelligent creatures on the planet when it comes to the opposite sex,” Craig writes.

The school board said that Craig’s book showed a lack of good judgment and professionalism.

“Mr. Craig’s conduct in this matter fell far short of our expectations and evoked outrage for me, members of this board and many others in our district who have come to expect the highest level of professionalism and sound judgment from the people they entrust with their children each day,” the board said in a statement.

Craig declined to comment to ABC News on Wednesday, referring questions to his attorney, Stephen Richards.

“His First Amendments rights were violated,” Richards said. “People may not like what he did or said, but he has a right not to be fired.”

Richards said that they planned to file a lawsuit against the school district over Craig’s dismissal.

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