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(NEW YORK) — Occupy Wall Street protesters poured into New York’s financial district today to mark the first anniversary of the movement, but their presence was dwarfed by riot-gear-clad police, who set up metal barriers and formed human walls to pacify the demonstrators.

Hundreds of protesters scattered into Manhattan’s financial district, decked out in costumes including Uncle Pennybags and an enormous marionette Statue of Liberty.

About 100 protesters have either been detained or arrested in this morning’s demonstration near the New York Stock Exchange, where several police buses were seen filled with activists.

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Chanting, “All day, all week, Occupy Wall Street” and “We got sold out, banks got bailed out,” members of the Occupy movement voiced their grievances, just as business people arrived at their offices for the work day.

The momentum waned with the start of the business day, with businessmen in Ralph Lauren polo button-downs replacing the hand-painted shirts favored by the movement.

Demonstrators had hoped their protest today would help rekindle the movement, which spawned tent cities around the globe and became a rallying point for the “99 percent.”  

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