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Dierks Bentley celebrated the 10th #1 hit of his career, “5-1-5-0,” with a recent party in Nashville.  Partygoers got beer glasses with the titles of Dierks’ 10 chart toppers listed in the shape of the number “10,” and Dierks was having a little trouble processing the milestone.

“I think you put ’em all together, they tell a nice story of my music and my sound and my career so far,” Dierks says of his #1 hits.  “It’s pretty cool to have 10.  It’s weird.  I can’t believe it.  I can’t believe I have 10 songs that I’ve been a part of writing that have gone to #1.”

Before he made it to the party, Dierks went downtown to get a car tag for his vintage Camaro.  While he was down there, Dierks took a spin around some of the honky tonks on Lower Broadway where he got his start.  He later took a drive down Music Row to revisit all the places where he worked as a temp and wrote songs before releasing his 2005 debut album.

Says Dierks, “It seems like yesterday, although it’s a long time ago.”

Dierks is going for his 11th #1 hit with the new single “Tip It on Back” from his current album, Home.

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