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This Labor Day, two country stars look back on their crummiest jobs ever while another rising star talks about the work ethic that goes into launching a country career:

Kip Moore spent time laying sod in South Georgia before pursuing his country career.  The heat made the job rough, but getting hit with a heavy patch of sod made it even worse.  Sometimes one of his co-workers would throw the patch to him when he wasn’t ready to catch it yet.

Kip explains, “You got your back turned, and all of the sudden that big old piece of sod hits you right on the back. You got nowhere to clean up.  You’re just stuck with sod on your back for the rest of the day.”

— Luke Bryan works hard on stage for his fans every night, but he’s used to less glamorous labor out on his father’s peanut farm in Georgia.

He describes it as “just awful, just driving tractors through cotton fields all day, and spraying pesticides that eventually would turn your hair green.”

Luke went back to work for his father on the farm spraying and hauling fertilizer around until he eventually moved to Nashville to launch his music career.

 — Newcomer Thomas Rhett has been putting in a lot of long hours getting his career off the ground lately.  Though he’s having the time of his life playing music on Toby Keith‘s tour, Thomas still has to take care of business while on the road.

“A lot of people don’t understand that it really is a job,” Thomas tells ABC News Radio.  “Especially, when you’re on the road, you’re waking up at 10, and you’re going to the radio station.  Then you gotta do sound check, and then it’s a lot of hurry up and wait.  You spend all your day waiting to play 30 minutes or an hour.”

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