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Trace Adkins performed his new song “Tough People Do” at the Citizens United event outside the Republican National Convention in Tampa earlier this week, but he insists it has a message for Republicans and Democrats alike. The song talks about the strength and resiliency of the American people through tough economic times like the Depression and the current recession with the lyrical hook “Tough times don’t last/Tough people do.”

Trace tells ABC News Radio, “I’m just really proud of the song, and to me, the song just says — sometimes we need to be reminded of who we are, where we come from and what our history is. We’ve made it through tougher times than this.”

Though he performed the song at a Republican event, Trace — who is conservative in his politics — has no intention of making “Tough People Do” a GOP anthem.

“Had I thought that it would be good for a campaign anthem or something like that, I probably would have reached out to somebody and tried to get it to them,” Trace says. “But I haven’t done that, and trust me, I have the contacts. I could have done it.”

In fact, Trace is open to Democrats using the song as well.

He says, “If they identify with and believe in the lyrics of this song, then by all means, knock yourself out.”

No matter who plays the song, Trace hopes “Tough People Do” will encourage today’s generation to take a lesson from the sacrifice, discipline and resourcefulness of the Americans that went through the Great Depression.

Trace says, “There’s all this wailing and gnashing of teeth now and protesters and everybody crying and griping about what they don’t have. They’re all just a bunch of brats.”

“Tough People Do” will be included on Trace’s next studio album. A release date or title has not been announced for that project yet. The lyrics for “Tough People Do” are posted at TraceAdkins.com, and we’re told the song will be released digitally shortly.

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