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They’ve really only been dating for two months, but apparently, Taylor Swift has fallen hard and fast for 18-year-old Conor Kennedy.  A source in Taylor’s circle of friends tells the new issue of People magazine, “She is head over heels into him.  [She’s] on cloud nine and is sooooo into him. She thinks she’s in love.”

Though the source says that some of Taylor’s friends are rolling their eyes at the summer romance, saying, ‘He’s too young for her,’ the couple seems to have no problems over the difference in their ages; she’s 22 and he’s 18.  A friend of Taylor’s tells People, “He’s a Kennedy, so he’s more sophisticated than most 18-year-olds.”

As for what Conor’s famous clan thinks of Taylor, a longtime Kennedy friend tells People, “Nothing is too fast or two surprising for the Kennedy family.”  Noting that family matriarch Ethel Kennedy approves of Taylor, the friend continues, “Ethel’s very live-and-let-live.  If her grandson is happy, she’s happy and he’ll support him. That’s just how they are.”

The future of the relationship is in question, of course, since Conor returns to school at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts on September 6, the same day Taylor’s set to perform at the MTV VMAs.

By the way, about that embarrassing incident when Taylor and Conor supposedly crashed the wedding of Conor’s cousin on August 19?  A friend of Taylor’s tells People that it “must have been a big misunderstanding because anybody who knows Taylor knows she’s a super-polite person.” 

Indeed, Taylor’s rep maintains that the singer was invited, and the bride thanked her for being there.  A source close to the bride and groom, however, tells People that originally, Taylor and Conor weren’t welcome at first because “they didn’t know Taylor. There were people they [weren’t able to] invite and [Taylor and Conor] walked in like it was nothing.”  But when they came back after the reception, they were allowed to stay because, says the source, “by then, the bride and groom didn’t care.”

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