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Hunter Hayes‘ hit “Wanted” started out as a love letter to one of his female friends.  He wanted his words to have a big impact and hopefully propel their friendship to the next level.

Speaking about his mindset at the time, Hunter tells ABC News Radio, “I just want to hang out with this girl.  Relationship or not, I really enjoy the company.”

Surely any girl who has a song like “Wanted” written about her would just melt and say yes to a relationship, right?  Hunter can’t say for sure.

“It didn’t work ’cause she doesn’t know that the song was written about her,” he admits.  “It’s totally cool.  I got a song out of it.”

As he was recording “Wanted,” the song became a dream list of all the things Hunter wants to feel when he embarks on a new relationship.

He says, “It’s got to feel like that.  It can’t just be a need scenario.  It’s got to be a sort of, you know, just enjoy your company sort of scenario.”

“Wanted” is included on Hunter Hayes’ self-titled, debut album, available now.

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