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Blake Shelton‘s latest hit, “Over,” uses poetic lyrics about love and devotion that leave the song open to interpretation by the listener.  Blake was first attracted to the song because of the energy in the melody before paying attention to the lyrics though.

Referring to the line in the song “If I could light the world/We could sit and watch it burn/We could fall asleep inside the glow,” Blake says, “It’s like so romantic and out there that you’re like, ‘I guess that’s cool.'”

The upbeat music on “Over” keeps those lyrics about setting the world on fire from being too dark though.  Blake says with a laugh, “You could have a different melody, and it would be like a threat, that song, you know?”

When it came time to shoot the video, the director actually placed Blake in a burning house as suggested in the lyrics. There is also footage of Blake and his love interest walking separately through the desert.

Upon reading the plan for the video, Blake says, “You’re like, ‘Man, I think he really just kind of meant that, not literally, but screw it.  Let’s burn some stuff down and look cool walking around in the desert and stuff.”

“Over” is the latest single from Blake’s current album Red River Blue, available now.

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