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Dolly Parton was presented with a gold plaque for her CD/DVD An Evening with Dolly Liveat a press conference in Nashville Friday. The set was released through Cracker Barrel, and Dolly was happy to get yet another sales certification plaque to hand on the wall.

“You never get too old or too calloused to enjoy the success,” Dolly says, “and at my age, I’m thrilled to get anything in this business.”

Other than that media appearance, Dolly has been keeping a low profile this summer. She’s been spending time with family and working on a new inspirational book that’s due out soon. It’s called Dream More: Celebrate the Dreamer in You and it was inspired by Dolly’s commencement address at the University of Tennessee a few years back. The proceeds from that project are going to a good cause, too.

Dolly says, “All the money from that book is going to my Imagination Library, our literacy program. So, I’ve spent most of my summer working on the book that’s coming out in November.”

Dolly has also been writing songs for a new project for her fellow Country Music Hall of Fame member George Jones.  She hopes to write a duet to sing with George on his new album as well.

“I know he hasn’t been in good health lately,” Dolly explains, “but in my mind, nobody will ever sing better than George for emotion and heart and feeling. I love him personally, and I love his singing.”

On the business front, Dolly says her planned family entertainment attraction in Nashville across from the Grand Ole Opry is on hold for now. Her Dollywood Company had partnered with Gaylord Entertainment, which owns the Grand Ole Opry and Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, for the deal, but Gaylord’s now in the process of selling off its hotel business to Marriott.

Dolly says, “We’re just kind of waiting ’til they get their thing straightened out before we go forward with that.”

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