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Kip Moore is living on a tour bus these days touring the country, but that bus must feel like a palace compared to the tiny hut he lived in for a while in Hawaii.  A few years ago, Kip spent about six months living near the beach there, surfing and writing songs every day.

“I lived in a hut that was probably 5 by 11 foot concrete slab with a little screen around it,” Kip says.  “Had a little bathroom connected to it and that’s all I needed.”

The hut was out in the woods about two miles from the beach.  Kip would hitchhike to the beach and surf.  He’d also do a lot of backpacking around the island.

He says, “I’d have my sleeping bag and that was it.  I’d shower at the beaches and carry a bunch of tuna in my backpack and my guitar and I’d write songs and surf.”  Kip adds, “I was a man of little means.”

Kip continues his endless concert tour with a show in Cincinnati, OH on Friday, August 10.

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