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If you go to one of Wynonna‘s concerts there’s a good chance you might end up on the stage with her.  For example, Wy recently called up a redneck guy who walked in front of the stage as she was singing.

“He had on a T-shirt with the sleeves cut off, dirty jeans and a big buck knife in his pocket,” Wy tells The Birmingham News.  “I got the buck knife and opened it.  It literally had a 7-inch blade.  I said, ‘What are you going to do with this?’  And he said, ‘Pick my teeth.’”

Sometimes the fans threaten to steal the spotlight from Wynonna altogether when they get on stage.

She says, “I had another girl get up and completely take over the stage.  She became the American Idol contestant of the night.  I had to remind her that it was my show.”

Wynonna works hard to make sure her shows are spontaneous and unique to each audience.  That audience participation part doesn’t always work out, but Wy says, “If it’s a train wreck, then it’s a train wreck.  That’s the gift of live music.  Otherwise, it’s an HBO special.”

Check out Wynonna.com to see where she’s playing next.

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