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The Voice returns on September 10, and in a new promo, Blake Shelton and his fellow coaches prove they’ll stop at nothing to discover a new and exciting talent.

In the promo, Christina Aguilera is sitting in a hotel lobby when she hears a haunting voice: it’s someone upstairs, singing in the shower.  She quickly moves to race up the stairs and locate it, but Blake shows up and lassos her, flinging her across the room and into a decorative screen.  Adam Levine, watching from a balcony, smiles and jumps down to confront Blake, fists at the ready. 

The two men exchange punches, both of them winging and missing, until Blake finally connects and bashes Adam in the face. Adam then kicks Blake, sending him sprawling him into a cocktail table, and dashes up the stairs, where he’s karate-chopped into submission by Cee Lo Green. 

Finally, all four coaches recover and break down the door — and the wall — of the hotel room that contains the compelling shower singer.  The bathroom door opens and…it’s Bruce Jenner.  “Woah, Bruce Jenner from The Kardashians!” exclaims Adam.  “I also won a gold medal,” the former Olympic track and field star protests, gesturing to the medal hanging around his neck. “Montreal? ’76?”  The coaches look baffled.

After the information about the season premiere is given, Jenner is seen again, pointing to his medal and adding, “Cee Lo, this is how you do bling!”

In other Blake news, he will reveal details on his upcoming Christmas album Monday. Look for Blake to talk about the holiday offering on E!’s Chelsea Lately that night.

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