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David Nail is putting in his two cents about the penalties and $60 million fine the NCAA levied against Penn State Monday in the wake of the Sandusky sex abuse scandal. The penalties keep Penn State out of bowl games and any other post-season games for four years. The football program is also stripped of their wins from 1998 to 2011, which means the late Joe Paterno drops from #1 to #12 among college football’s all-time winningest coaches.

David tweeted his reaction Monday, “Unfortunate Penn State wouldn’t be football power or a players dream school without Joe Pa! He tore apart program that he made so powerful!”

Given the new penalties, David predicts Penn State will see a mass exodus of players from the team to other schools.

“Phones ringing all over Penn State football dorms… I bet 50% of the kids are gone by 5pm today… In essence this will be death penalty!” David says.  “Coaches will have booths outside campus re-recruiting current Penn State roster! Free agency has now entered college football…”

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