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Andy Griffith has died at age 86. The Andy Griffith Showstar was a hero to Brad Paisley, and the two became friends after Andy appeared in Brad’s 2008 video “Waitin’ on a Woman.” Andy was Brad’s first choice to play the role of the wise old man handing out relationship advice in the clip. Getting Andy for the video was a big deal to Brad.

“He has influenced my life more than most people that I grew up with — more than most people that I actually knew my whole life,” Brad said in 2008. “I mean, his TV show, The Andy Griffith Show, was for me without a doubt one of the most influential things I have ever had in my life.”

Brad even wrote Andy a letter before they met telling him how big a role he played in how Brad was raising his son, Huck.

Brad said, “I think you could do far worse than to use The Andy Griffith Show as a guide for the way to handle the issues that come up with your little boy.”

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