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Tim McGraw has a new record deal with Big Machine Records, but he is also still involved in a breach of contract lawsuit with his old record label, Curb. The judge in the lawsuit between Curb and Tim McGraw granted a continuance Thursday to allow both sides to gather further evidence in the case. The case was supposed to go to trial in July.

The judge also ruled that Tim was free to record new music with a new label in a hearing last November in Nashville.  Curb is also appealing that decision in a hearing set for next month.   

Curb issued a press release Thursday stating they believe Tim is still an artist on their label and had no right to sign with Big Machine.  They are also claiming ownership of the new music Tim has recorded for his upcoming Big Machine Records album, which would include the single “Truck Yeah,” due to hit radio next week.

Curb is still releasing Tim McGraw singles to radio from his Emotional Traffic project, including “Better Than I Used to Be” and “Right Back Atcha Babe.”  They claim the music on Emotional Traffic was not recorded in the time frame spelled out in Tim’s contact, which means he has not fulfilled his contact with Curb.

Tim McGraw and his counsel released a statement through his publicist regarding Curb’s press release clarifying that Thursday’s ruling only postponed the trial date at Curb’s request. No decision has been made regarding the breach of contract suit. The statement goes on to add that the postponement will not affect Tim’s deal with Big Machine Records.

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