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(NEW YORK, N.Y.) —  There has been a tit for tat attack between the Romney and the Obama campaign. Furthermore, there is an issue on whether or not Romney will be affected by the Latino vote due to his ambiguity on whether or not he would deport young illegal immigrants. However, his campaign team have looked to the economy as a way to solve this issue. His campaign has gone so far as to unveil a “Juntos con Romney” slogan in order to catch the attention of Latino voters. He has gone so far as to even point to the fact that despite the immigration policy the Obama administration has caused the high unemployment rate among Latinos.

When the GOP was previously attacked as being “anti-female”, Romney’s campaign accused the Obama administration of being involved in an “economic” war on women. Romney went began to discuss the female unemployment rate in his speeches. According to Romney in a Fox News interview “Over 92 percent of the jobs lost under this president were lost by women. His policies have really been a war on women. He wants to divert from that.” The Romney campaign has inferred that the Obama administration has economically discriminated against females.

An ABC News Poll in May revealed that 52% of respondents revealed that jobs and the economy are the most important issue to them and that health care was the second most important issue coming in at 7%. The respondents support the strategy that Romney is utilizing.

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