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(ORLANDO, Fla.) — George Zimmerman is in a Florida jail awaiting trial on a second degree murder charge in the killing of Trayvon Martin, but his phone number isn’t behind bars at all.

Just ask Junior Alexander Guy, a wastewater plant worker in Orlando.

Guy, 49, got his first cell phone last month, only to be bombarded with threatening calls and texts, according to reports. He realized that T-Mobile had given him Zimmerman’s old number, 407-435-2400 — the one Zimmerman spelled out to a police dispatcher the night he fatally shot Martin.

The dispatcher’s audio recording was played nationwide, and within a week, Guy received up to 70 threatening calls intended for Zimmerman, The Orlando Sun Sentinel reports. Texts of “You deserve to die!” and “Murderer!” flooded his inbox.

“At 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock in the morning I kept getting these,” Guy told the Sun Sentinel. “I was not only afraid for my life, I was afraid for my mother’s.”

Since getting the phone on May 7, Guy has moved and relocated his mother, who was living with him.

On May 16, Guy went to a lawyer, Robert Trimble, who did not return calls from ABC News for comment. Trimble told the Sun Sentinel he will seek damages, but did not name a specific sum.

T-Mobile’s normal policy is to wait 60 days once a number has been canceled before putting it back into circulation, according to Sun Sentinel reporter Rene Stutzman.

T-Mobile has since given Guy a new number, credited his account and retired Zimmerman’s old number, according to The New York Post.

Guy got his first cell phone at 49 years old because he had been in prison on cocaine trafficking charges for the past two decades, according to records from the Florida Department of Corrections.

Regardless of Guy’s rap sheet, Trimble told the Sun Sentinel he is asking T-Mobile for a “fair and reasonable sum.”

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