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(GREENSBORO, N.C.) — Jurors in John Edwards’ campaign corruption trial get back to work Tuesday in an attempt to arrive at verdicts on six charges that could potentially put the former North Carolina senator and candidate for the 2008 Democratic presidential candidate behind bars for 30 years.

Meanwhile, the judge in the case is also expected to address an “undisclosed jury issue” that may have to do with an alternate juror giving Edwards what’s known as the “hairy eyeball.”

ABC News reported late last week that the alternate, who’s described as an attractive woman with jet-black hair, has been flirting with the defendant in the courtroom.

She supposedly smiled, giggled and blushed when looking at Edwards, who reportedly smiled back at her.

While Edwards’ lawyers laughed at the obviousness of it, the flirting also didn’t get past U.S. District Judge Catherine Eagles, who met with the attorneys after the session Friday and plans on another meeting with them Tuesday.

The entire matter is sort of unsettling, given that Edwards is on trial for supposedly trying to cover up an extramarital affair with campaign contributions.  His wife, Elizabeth Edwards, passed away in 2010 after battling breast cancer.

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