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The red carpet at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, held Sunday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, was tinged with sadness — while it was in progress, word came that Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees had passed away.  But most artists agreed that the group’s music would live forever. 

Taio Cruz said, “It’s a very, very sad thing that Robin Gibb has passed…I’m definitely going to be listening to their music for years to come. I think they will live on through their music and so that’s a good thing.”

Carrie Underwood won the prize for the best red carpet look, sporting a blue-grey confection of a dress that featured what seemed to be an entire fabric store’s worth of chiffon and tulle.  Taylor Swift was similarly striking, sporting a bright-red column of a gown and bangs.  In general, most stars dressed very well — the only one in a scandalous outfit was Miley Cyrus.  She was wearing what looked like a white, oversized man’s suit jacket with nothing underneath.  If she had moved suddenly, the world would have gotten an eyeful.

Miley, who said she’s been working on new music, told ABC News Radio that she loved coming to the show because it covers all musical genres. She explained, “It’s amazing — there are so many unique artists. It’s so nice when you get away from something that’s specifically country or hip-hop or pop or whatever it is, you know, and it’s just all the different artists and celebrating them.” 

She added, “Especially now [that] a lot of the artists have passed away, being able to celebrate them and their life and the music, and carrying that on, is awesome.”

Justin Bieber was extremely low-key, chatting with everyone on the carpet about his new album Believe.  Noting that he, his mentor Usher, his protegee Carly Rae Jepsen and his buddies The Wanted were all performing on the show, he told ABC News Radio, “I think it’s great, y’know all of us together here and having a good time — I don’t think I [could] be in a better place.” 

Jordin Sparks, who walked the red carpet with her boyfriend Jason Derulo, told ABC News Radio how nervous she was to sing “I Will Always Love You” as part of a tribute to the late Whitney Houston. “I’m very nervous to sing, but I’m excited that I get to honor her in this way,” she said. “The family will be here, so to be able to see them, and show them that we all still love her and we’re honoring her and she deserves the award…I’m excited.”

Nelly Furtado, who’s been out of the pop spotlight for a while, performed her new song “Big Hoops” on the show, despite the fact that she was not wearing big hoops on the carpet — she was wearing mirrored geometrical earrings instead.  Speaking about getting back into the swing of things in preparation for the release of her new album The Spirit Indestructible, she told ABC News Radio, “It actually feels amazing. I’m ready, you know, I took a break, and, you know, I made a Spanish album that was great fun. But I feel very refreshed and very ready for all this again.”

The telecast included performances from pop powerhouses like Katy Perry, Usher, The Wanted and Kelly Clarkson. R&B was represented by Chris Brown and country by Carrie Underwood, but there was only one rock act on the bill: Linkin Park. On the red carpet, the band’s Mike Shinoda told ABC News Radio, “Coming to the show I didn’t know we were the only rock band. I thought there would be at least one more that’s kinda simultaneously sad and exciting, but we’re excited to hold it down for the rock audience.”

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