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Josh Turner is used to hearing his own songs on country radio, but he also listens closely to everyone else’s songs on the radio too. In fact, he can identify most songs and artists very quickly.

“I kind of drive myself crazy,” Josh tells ABC News Radio. “It’s like from the first two notes I know who’s going to be singing it. I have trouble remembering the words, but I can remember the sound of it, the artist and all that kind of stuff.”

Josh can also tell you a lot of stuff about each country artist on the dial too. He says,  “I’ve just been blessed with a country music brain.”

Josh also has amazing recall with songs he’s heard on other people’s albums too. When he first started out, song publishers in Nashville would try to get him to record a song that’s already been out on someone else’s album. Josh wasn’t about to take second-hand songs though.

“I would call them out on it,” Josh explains. “They were like, they’d start hitting the desk, ‘Dadgumit. How’d you know that.'”

You can hear a bunch of fresh songs on Josh’s new album, Punching Bag, due out June 12. The first single from that project, “Time Is Love,” is now climbing the country chart.

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