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Carrie Underwood‘s fourth album, Blown Away, is shaping up to be another big seller, and Carrie can thank her instincts for this continued success.  She simply goes after songs she likes with no objective about needing certain kinds of songs for the album.

“I feel like if you try to put too many stipulations on, ‘I’m going to write this kind of song,’ or ‘I’m looking for that kind of song,’ I feel like you won’t end up with the best album,” Carrie explains.  “You’re bypassing other potentially amazing things.”

The most important thing for Carrie is to emotionally connect with each song on her albums.

She says, “I want to hear something that makes me feel something immediately, no matter what that is.”

The same goes for her writing sessions.  Carrie always leaves herself open to write whatever may come along with her co-writers, even if she doesn’t think it will make her own album.

“Sometimes we’ll go in for a writing session, and we’ll write something that I wouldn’t sing.  Like, it’s just not me,” Carrie explains.  “But that’s great because that’s the best thing we could have done for that day.”

This laid-back approach allows Carrie to let her albums evolve over time, which makes for a better final production.

She says, “I didn’t have to force anything.”

The lead single from Blown Away is “Good Girl,” and it’s now climbing the country chart. Carrie performs on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday too.

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