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Dierks Bentley had a lot of fun shooting his new video for “5-1-5-0” in mud pits near Savannah, GA over the weekend.  Of course, the song’s title refers to the police code for someone who is criminally insane, and the people who go off-roading in these mud pits certainly like to get a little crazy.  Dierks and his crew captured that fun vibe for the video.

“It was the most fun video shoot I’ve ever done,” Dierks says.  “It didn’t even feel like we were doing a video shoot.  They’re singing along as loud as they could.”

Dierks had a little fun with the video shoot too.  He took his beloved Chevy truck, also known as “Big White,” with him for the shoot.  At one point, Dierks tried to take the truck through a really big pit.

He says, “They said I couldn’t do it.  I gave it a shot, and about halfway through, I got stuck.  So, they had to come in and tow me out.”

Dierks actually jumped in the mud while they were towing him out, and he says, “I still have it in my ears and probably will have it there for awhile.”

As for “Big White,” the truck is now filthy on the inside and out since Dierks went through the mud pit with his windows down.

“It’s just like caked all the way through,” Dierks says of his truck interior.  “I’ve got towels in there where I can sit on.  Even the dial for the radio is completely crusted over with thick mud.”

Dierks adds that his wife Cassidy won’t be riding with him in the truck until he gets it cleaned up.  A photo of the filthy truck has been posted on Twitter.

“5-1-5-0” is the latest single from Dierks’s album, Home.  Look for the video to premiere in the coming weeks.

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