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George Jones posted a YouTube video this week thanking fans for their well wishes as he recovers from an upper respiratory infection, but his message about daughter Georgette Jones Lennon at the end of the clip is what’s grabbing headlines. The video was uploaded by Jones’ publicity rep Webster PR.

Jones claims his daughter and her husband Jamie have been posting bad things about him on the internet and Facebook. He says, “None of these things are true. They are all about money.”

Jones goes on to say he can’t give anymore, but he will never let his daughter go hungry. Jones adds, “I am not the person they claim I am.”

Georgette posted a very long message on her Facebook page denying the claims. She says, “I have not been saying or doing anything in a negative way toward my father.”

Georgette adds this rift started almost two years ago with a personal issue involving her two brothers. She says a couple of people have been telling lies about her to Jones and his wife, Nancy. As a result, Georgette says her father is not speaking to her.

“I love my Dad very much and would never hurt him,” she says.

Georgette released a book about her relationship with her father and her late mother, Tammy Wynette, last year called The Three of Us: Growing Up with Tammy & George. She says, “I could have said many things in my book or out of hurt and anger since these lies started but I still choose not to because I love him. Please keep us in your prayers.”

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