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Taylor Swift contributed two songs to the soundtrack for the new film The Hunger Games — “Safe and Sound” and “Eyes Open.” She wrote both songs from the perspective of the book and film’s protagonist, “Katniss Everdeen.” Since she usually draws from her own life for song material, Taylor enjoyed capturing the emotions Katniss feels as she fights to save her loved ones and herself in the story.

“Katniss’s world, motivations, and priorities are different than mine,” Taylor tells Yahoo!  “I liked focusing on basic human emotions like compassion and fear, because that’s all you have when you’re simply trying to survive.”

On top of being a big fan of The Hunger Games books, Taylor also gives high praise to the producers behind the film adaptation and the soundtrack. She loves their attention to detail most.

Says Taylor, “They said, ‘We’re trying to make music that reflects what Appalachian music will sound like in 300 years.’ That authenticity was why I wanted to write music for this soundtrack.”

Taylor is currently in Australia on the final leg of her Speak Now World Tour, but she’s promoting The Hunger Games soundtrack on the trip. A YouTube video posted this week catches Taylor singing “Safe and Sound” onstage to a stuffed koala bear.

The Hunger Games soundtrack is out Tuesday, March 20. The film hits theaters March 23.

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