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Luke Bryan has celebrated a few career milestones in the past few days.  Last Saturday, Luke gave his first concert at the Houston Rodeo for a massive crowd of fans.

When they got to Houston, Luke and his team knew they’d sold about 60,000 tickets.  “Then as the day kind of kept progressing, it kept growing,” Luke says.  “By the end of the show there was over 71,000 in there.  So, it was an amazing sight.  An amazing thing to be a part of.”

On Monday, Luke had a party in Nashville celebrating his latest #1 hit, “I Don’t Want This Night to End.”  Though everyone was toasting Luke’s success at that event, his four-year-old son Bo and 19-month-old boy Tate had kept him in check all day.

That morning, Bo fell while playing and injured his mouth around the top gum area.  Luke and his wife Caroline took Bo to get X-rays immediately.

Says Luke, “He’s gonna be fine, and we found out he’ll need braces one day.  His permanent teeth, they’re coming in crooked like his mom and dad’s.”

As they were getting ready to leave for the party to celebrate “I Don’t Want This Night to End,” Bo had a bit of an accident. Since Caroline was getting ready for the party, it was up to daddy to take care of his one.

“[Tate] was running around the house without a diaper when we left, and he pooped on the floor,” Luke says with a grin.  “So, it’s been pretty much the whole day.”

Luke will get to chill out with his fans at his annual Spring Break shows in Panama City Beach, FL next week.  His new Spring Break EP, Suntan City, is now available for download everywhere.

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