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Taylor Swift says many people think her Grammy Award-winning tune “Mean” is about her being bullied in high school, but it’s actually about a music critic.  During an appearance Monday on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Taylor acknowledged the song has become tied to bullying since its release, but told Jay, “I actually wrote the song about a critic who kept giving me really bad reviews.”  Taylor says she finally overcame the negative reviews by singing about it, adding, it won two Grammys and “Now I feel better.”

Taylor acknowledged the power of song, telling Jay, “You can be going through a break-up and…then you write a song and it…goes out and helps people. It’s cool.”

Taylor is featured on the cover of the new issue of Vogue, and Jay asked her about a quote in the magazine interview in which she proclaims, “I’m smart, unless I’m in love.”  Taylor told Jay, “When I’m in love, I’m stupid about it and I trust people, constantly.” 

Taylor says she tries to change after getting burned in a relationship, saying to herself, “I’m not going to trust people anymore,  I’m going to be one of those twisty girls who guys love because they’re all guarded and stuff.”  The singer says it never works out for her that way because she’s always optimistic, adding, “I just trust people again.”

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